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Graphic Design is my primary business where I do most if not all of my work on my desktop computer, but I also enjoy working with my mobile device. There are so many incredible, innovative, creative apps available for download on our phones. I am constantly searching the App Store for the latest-greatest thing released by upstart, hungry businesses. My latest download, that I CAN’T get enough of, is Werble. It is an amazing that app that breathes life into still photos, turning them into mini-cinematic, masterpieces. This powerful little tool has incredible marketing uses. If you’d like to extend your company’s social presence with engaging, animated product photos, LET ME HELP YOU with a little Werble-ing. Reach out to me and let’s connect: Some of my Werble creations...



Animations made with Werble

Original photo

Game of Thrones

Animations made with Werble

Original Photo

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