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Website Design: Ultra Runner Andrea Kooiman

We all have our own, unique talents that define us. For my client and good friend Andrea Kooiman, one of hers (she has many) is the ability to run 100+ miles. What that means is she is an "Ultra" runner. Andrea participates in these incredible long distance runs throughout the year, all over the world. From the searing heat of Death Valley, to the far-off land of China, she has tackled every manner of terrain and weather. Suffice it to say, this "Wonder Woman" has vast experience in the discipline of long-distance running. As such, she is also a "Personalized Running Coach" who many seek out for training and guidance. So I was quite honored to be sought out by her when she needed a website. I am proud to share her website, which we collaborated together on and was brought to life by myself, aka SNP Graphics Inc. Please browse through her site, and should you be in the market for someone to guide you in long-distance running, reach out to Andrea. The only thing that can match her enthusiasm for running, is her infectious and inspiring personality!

Should you be in the market for a website, graphics design, and or photography needs, lease reach out to me, Nicole Padberg Munkdale - SNP Graphics Inc.

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