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What I Do in My FREE TIME

Working behind a computer is sedentary work, no doubt! So in my free time I absolutely have to GET OUT! Living in Las Vegas provides me with many year-round, outdoor activities and adventures. During the warmer months I love to get out and hike in the beautiful desert landscape of this valley. In Winter would you believe that there is skiing less than hour away from Las Vegas!? Because, YES! Yes there is! With these year-round options that I partake in, I will often combine my adventures with a little video production. In effect marrying my works skills with my outdoor pursuits. This combination has given birth to my Youtube channel that I affectionately call "Nix Adventrex".

It wasn't long ago that I use to hate hiking, so my personal Youtube logo reflects that with some not-so-subtle sarcasm. Should you be so inclined, please visit and SUBSCRIBE to my channel to see what new adventures I am up to!

Skiing at Lee Canyon, Mt. Charleston - Less than an hour's drive from Las Vegas, NV:

When there's no snow, I hike!

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